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I don't know how to talk about myself. So here's some bullet points about me and my work. In, out, painless reading. 

1. Geospatial practitioner by training. Shout out to UoN, UoG, the internet, and geo-gang support groups.

2. Tradecraft at Spatial Collective. Exploring what innovation in geospatial tech can do.

3. Anything outside, preferably "hardships". Pluviophile.

4. Nonchalantly, looking for a corner in a round room.

5. The animal in man.

A geospatial engineer with 10+ years of experience 

Geospatial data collection and management.
  • Proficient in various data collection and management skills including classical surveying, mobile data collection, engineering survey, secondary desk research, UAV/drone mapping (Certified pilot), participatory mapping, etc.
  • Self-developing skills in Geo-AI related technologies including use of various geo-AI platforms, developing custom machine learning pipelines for geospatial data extraction and analysis.
  • Experience in organizing and creating geospatial metadata to support cataloguing and sharing of geospatial data.
  • Quality assurance and quality control.

GIS analysis and visualization.
  • Hands on experience in various desktop, online, and programming GIS tools for data analysis and visualization.
  • Experienced in developing custom automation processes for handling and processing GIS data.
  • Practical experience developing various GIS products such as maps and dashboard visualizations, data endpoints, and process workflows.

Project Management.
  • Experienced in technical, operational, and reporting aspects of project management.
  • Research and development.
  • Scrum
  • Practical experience in organizational development and staffing

Innovation and creative thinking.
  • Developing novel workflows for collecting, managing and visualizing geospatial data.
  • Developing fit-for-purpose approaches in tool selection, data collection, and managing geospatial data.
  • Exploring capabilities of different tools available for location data management.

Programming and software logic (Github - work in progress).
  • Javascript, Python, SQL
  • (Geo)Django, Node.js
  • PostgreSQL and databases
  • Cloud (AWS, Docker)


Log off your device, go outside, and send me a smoke signal.   

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